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Global Value Chain Development Report 2023

Resilient and Sustainable GVCs in Turbulent Times

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This study explores approaches to build resilient and sustainable GVCs. It provides an overview of the most recent trends in GVCs, assesses the effects of recent trade tensions and the COVID-19 pandemic on GVCs, and illustrates changes in the nature of supply chains. It also analyses the challenges of climate change to GVCs and proposes policy options for enhancing inclusive development through GVC participation.

GVCs continued to expand in 2022, as indicated by the growing share of foreign inputs in exports and the increasing participation rates of economies worldwide. This bodes well for spreading the benefits of trade to more firms, workers and developing economies, the Report finds. However, it also flags increasing risks from the dependence on a small number of economies for certain products and highlights the vulnerability of GVCs to rising trade tensions and global crises.

The report is a joint publication by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Institute of Developing Economies - Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO), the Research Institute for Global Value Chains at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) Beijing, and the World Trade Organization.

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> Tables, Figures, and Boxes
> Foreword
> Publishing Partners
> Contributors
> Acknowledgments
> Abbreviations
> Editorial and Advisory Committee
> Key Messages and Findings
> Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Examining Global Value Chains in Times of International Shocks
Chapter 2: Impacts of Trade Tensions and COVID-19 on Global Value Chains
Chapter 3: Toward a Secure and Resilient Energy Supply Chain
Chapter 4: From Fabless to Fabs Everywhere? Semiconductor Global Value Chains in Transition
Chapter 5: Tracing Carbon Dioxide Emissions along Global Value Chains
Chapter 6: Greening Global Value Chains: A Conceptual Framework for Policy Action
Chapter 7: Global Value Chains for Inclusive Development

> Appendix: Backgroung Paper and Chapter Authors’ Workshop for the Global Value Chain Development Report 2023
> Tables, Figures, and Boxes

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