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Profils tarifaires dans le monde 2023

Recueil détaillé sur les droits de douane et les mesures non tarifaires appliqués par plus de 170 pays et territoires douaniers

Description :

The 2023 edition provides comprehensive information on the tariffs and non-tariff measures imposed by over 170 countries and customs territories. This joint publication of the WTO, the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) also provides data on non-tariff measures, such as anti-dumping actions, countervailing duties and safeguard measures.

One-page profiles provide an overview of each economy's tariffs broken down by product group. The profiles also show the tariffs imposed by its main trading partners.

Summary tables provide comparisons of the average "bound" or maximum tariff each economy may apply to imports and the average tariffs it applies in practice. Data is provided for agricultural and non-agricultural products as well as for "all products". Import and export profiles provide comparisons on the value of imports for each economy, the level of export diversification, and relevant tariff data.

The publication also contains two special topics: the evolution of market access over 16 years of 'World Tariff Profiles'; and product classification for WTO trade statistics and policy analysis (known as the Multilateral Trade Negotiations Categories).

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General note and abbreviations
> Introduction

I. Summary tables
Description of column headings
Technical notes
All products
Agricultural products
Non-agricultural products
Description of column headings
Technical notes
Import and Export profile

II. Country/territory tariff profiles
Index of tariff profiles
Technical notes
Country/territory tariff profiles

III. Non-tariff measures
1. Introduction
2. Statistics on some selected non-tariff measures
2.1. Final measures by importing/exporting country/territory
2.2. Final measures by product groups
2.3. Final measures of the 20 most frequently affected HS headings or HS chapters

IV. Special topics
> 1. The evolution of market access over 16 years of 'World Tariff Profiles'
1.1 Share of MFN duty free tariff lines
1.2 Tariff peaks
1.3 Maximum tariffs
1.4 Trade opening patterns
> 2. Product classification for WTO trade statistics and policy analysis – Multilateral Trade Negotiations (MTN) Categories
2.1 Overview
2.2 Background
2.3 Structure
2.4 Revisions and maintenance
2.5 MTN categories in HS2022Annex

V. Annexes
A. Data sources
B. Frequently asked questions

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