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The promise of TradeTech: Policy approaches to harness trade digitalization

La promesse de TradeTech : Approches politiques pour exploiter la numérisation du commerce

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TradeTech - the set of technologies that enables global trade to become more efficient, inclusive and sustainable - plays an important role in easing the flow of goods across borders, reducing trade costs and creating new trade opportunities.

This WTO/World Economic Forum publication explores how international policy coordination, in particular the development of specific rules in trade agreements, could advance the adoption of digital technologies and trade digitalization across the world.

Published April 2022 | 72 pages | 185 X 260 mm | Weight: 0.300 kg

Table of contents:

Executive summary

1 Global data transmission and liability frameworks
2 Global legal recognition of electronic transactions and documents
3 Global digital identity of persons and objects
4 Global interoperability of data models for trade documents and platforms
5 Global trade rules access and computational law

Annex: Examples of provisions on digital identity that could be included in trade agreements
List of contributors and reviewers

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