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Le financement du commerce et le défi de la conformité

Une vitrine de la coopération internationale

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The availability of trade finance has become an increasingly important issue in the past few years. As international banks have become less willing to provide trade finance guarantees, particularly in developing countries, this has reduced the capacity of local banks to provide credit to businesses wishing to trade, leading to a significant gap between the demand and supply of trade finance. Small and medium-sized enterprises have been especially hard-hit by this trade finance gap.

This publication delves into the global trade finance gap and the reasons for the growing reluctance of the global financial sector to engage in this form of financing. It examines the challenges of regulatory compliance and describes the efforts of international organizations, such as the World Trade Organization and the International Finance Corporation, to respond to this issue. It also presents case studies of the capacity-building programmes organized by multilateral development banks which aim to improve the availability of trade finance.

Published July 2019 | 50 pages | 297 X 210 mm | Weight: 0.400 kg

Table of contents:

> Foreword, Executive Summary and Introduction

> Chapter 1
Reasons for persistent trade finance gaps
> Chapter 2
De-risking and inter-institutional responses
> Chapter 3
Showcasing capacity-building in trade finance and regulatory compliance

IFC’s AML/CFT guidance for trade finance
Joint IFC/World Bank AML/CFT capacity-building programmes
Joint IFC/IMF outreach initiatives
Joint IFC/BAFT capacity-building programme
EBRD framework to build capacity in trade finance compliance
ADB’s Trade Finance Program and AML/CFT initiative
ITFC trade finance technical assistance event in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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