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Adapter le commerce pour la bonne marche de l'environnement, de la prospérité et de la résilience

Comment faire en sorte que le commerce aille de pair avec un environnement sain?

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International trade offers unique opportunities to help tackle mounting environmental challenges while fostering economic and social prosperity. Open, predictable and equitable trade relations among countries can accelerate the worldwide diffusion of environmentally sound technological solutions and facilitate the creation and expansion of markets for sustainable products. Moreover, with the growing impacts of climate change and resource scarcity – felt in varying magnitudes across different parts of the world – trade has an important role to play in strengthening environmental resilience by fostering a better allocation of resources globally.

This co-publication by the WTO and UN Environment looks at the interplay between trade and the environment and identifies ways to ensure that trade and a healthy environment reinforce each other. It highlights the need for coordinated action, along with fit-for-purpose policies and institutions, to expand the contribution of trade for a better and more resilient environment. It shows how the WTO and UN Environment are working to support countries in identifying opportunities to use trade proactively to promote sustainability and prosperity, and to strengthen international co-operation to turn opportunities into action which delivers benefits for all.

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Executive summary

1 Connecting the dots: environmental sustainability, economic prosperity and resilience
Opportunities for sustainability and prosperity
Policy drivers
A changing global environment: impacts on trade

2 Expanding the contribution of trade to global prosperity
and a healthy environment
Unlocking trade in emerging green sectors
Policy coherence

3 Maximizing opportunities for cooperation on trade and environment
The role of the WTO
A framework for efficient, coherent and fit-for-purpose public policies
Helping developing countries benefit from the global trading system
The role of UN Environment
Environment and Trade Hub and other trade-related initiatives

4 Building partnerships for trade, environment and prosperity
Rethinking global approaches
Innovative partnerships for the future
Leading by example: WTO and UN Environment working in partnership

5 Bibliography

6 Further reading

Hacer el comercio funcionar para medio ambiente, prosperidad y resiliencia

Publicado en octubre de 2019 | 105 páginas | 297 x 210 mm | Peso: 0,300 kg

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