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Trade Multilateralism in the 21st Century

Building the Upper Floors of the Trading System through WTO Accessions

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Alexei Kireyev, International Monetary Fund
Chiedu Osakwe, World Trade Organization

Trade multilateralism in the twenty-first-century century faces a serious test as weakness in the global economy and fast-paced technological changes create a challenging environment for world trade. This book examines how an updated and robust, rules-based multilateral framework, anchored in the WTO, remains indispensable to maximizing the benefits of global economic integration and to reviving world trade. By examining recent accessions to the WTO, it reveals how the growing membership of the WTO has helped to support domestic reforms and to strengthen the rules-based framework of the WTO. It argues that the new realities of the twenty-first century require an upgrade to the architecture of the multilateral trading system. By erecting its 'upper floors' on the foundation of existing trade rules, the WTO can continue to adapt to a fast-changing environment and to maximize the benefits brought about by its ever-expanding membership.

• Includes contributions from top-policy-makers and chief negotiators, providing first-hand accounts and expertise in trade policy-making
• Analyses WTO accessions in the context of global economic and social development
• Describes how WTO accessions can function as a tool to accelerate domestic reforms

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Table of Contents

1. Making trade multilateralism work for all: the role of WTO accessions
Alexei Kireyev and Chiedu Osakwe

> Part I. WTO Accessions and the New Trade Multilateralism:

2. The WTO and the changing state of the global economy
Alexei Kireyev
3. The art and science of negotiation: de-politicizing and technicizing negotiations
Micheline Calmy-Rey and Svenja Rauch
4. The accession of Kazakhstan: dealing with complexity
Alexei Kireyev, Chiedu Osakwe and Anna Varyanik
5. Helping businesses navigate WTO accession
Arancha González
6. WTO rules, accession protocols and mega-regionals – complementarity and governance in the rules-based global economy
Maša Lekić and Chiedu Osakwe
7. Promoting good governance: from encouraging a principle to taking concrete action – examples from WTO accession protocols and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement
Juneyoung Lee, Nora Neufeld and Anna Varyanik
8. Transforming accessions data into knowledge
Hubert Escaith, Chiedu Osakwe, Vicky Chemutai and Ying Yan

> Part II. Negotiators' Perspectives on the WTO Accession Process:

9. Accession of Liberia: an agenda for transformation
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Axel Addy
10. Afghanistan's accession: challenged by conflict
Humayoon Rasaw
11. The WTO accession of Seychelles: lessons from a small island economy
Pierre Laporte, Charles Morin and Cillia Mangroo
12. WTO accession negotiations from a negotiator's perspective
Atsuyuki Oike

> Part III. Accessions Acquis: Thematic Perspectives and Implementation Challenges:

13. How post-TRIPS negotiations reframe the 'trade-related aspects' of intellectual property after TRIPS: the lessons of WTO accessions
Antony Taubman
14. Competition policy in WTO accessions: filling in the blanks in the international trading system
Robert D. Anderson, Anna Caroline Müller and Nivedita Sen
15. Geographical indications in the accessions landscape
Tatiana Yanguas Acosta
16. WTO accession commitments on agriculture: lessons for WTO rule-making
Diwakar Dixit
17. The WTO-plus obligations: dual class or a strengthened system?
Nannan Gao and Fangying Zheng
18. Accession protocols and the private sector
Josefita Pardo de León and Mariam Soumaré
19. Post-accession support platform
Maika Oshikawa
20. Conclusion – trade multilateralism: enhancing flexibility, preserving the momentum
Alexei Kireyev and Chiedu Osakwe

List of Contributors

Alexei Kireyev, Chiedu Osakwe, Micheline Calmy-Rey, Svenja Rauch, Anna Varyanik, Arancha González, Maša Lekić, Juneyoung Lee, Nora Neufeld, Hubert Escaith, Vicky Chemutai, Ying Yan, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Axel Addy, Humayoon Rasaw, Pierre Laporte, Charles Morin, Cillia Mangroo, Atsuyuki Oike, Antony Taubman, Robert D. Anderson, Anna Caroline Müller, Nivedita Sen, Tatiana Yanguas Acosta, Diwakar Dixit, Nannan Gao, Fangying Zheng, Josefita Pardo de León, Mariam Soumaré, Maika Oshikawa

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