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Trade and Poverty Reduction in the Asia-Pacific Region

Case Studies and lessons from low-income communities

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Edited by Andrew L. Stoler and Jim Redden
University of Adelaide
Lee Ann Jackson
World Trade Organization

This book explores the complex relationship between international trade and poverty reduction through a combination of research papers and contemporary case studies. Written mainly by developing-country authors in consultation with local businesses and communities, the case studies contribute to our understanding of the ways in which low-income communities are dealing with trade as a practical challenge, especially in the Asia-Pacific region where approximately two-thirds of the world’s poor live. While making it clear that there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula, the research and stories highlight a number of necessary preconditions, such as political commitment and cooperation at all levels, if trade is to successfully reduce poverty. Openness to trade, serious commitment to domestic reform, trade-related capacity building, a robust and responsible private sector and access to the markets of developed countries are all identified as powerful tools for building trade-related sustainable development.

Published December 2009 | 818 pages | 228 x 152 mm | Weight: 1.410 kg

• Thematic chapters provide readers with conceptual trade and development framework for analysing specific cases
• Diverse, in-depth cases provide readers with examples of real-world complexity and encourage the development of analytical skills
• Perspectives from ‘grass roots’ communities are user-friendly case studies for teaching purposes and ease understanding by students

Introduction; Overview paper: The economic effects of trade on poverty reduction Euan MacMillan; Part I. Transnational Corporations, Trade and Poverty Reduction: Thematic paper: Transnational corporations and the global supply chain Andrew Stoler; Case studies: 1. Cambodia’s textile and garment industry Peter Van Diermen; 2. Australia’s WTO trade policy changes & the future of a Samoan car parts investor Margaret B. Malua; 3. The textile and clothing sector in Indonesia Omas Bulan Samosir; 4. TNCs and the footwear industry – women in Jakarta Beta Yulianita G. Laksono; 5. Pakistan: the arrival and departure of Nike Safdar Sohail; 6. Vietnam – Intel and the electronics sector Andrew Stoler and Phan Van Sam; Part II. Trade in Agriculture and Poverty Reduction: Thematic paper: Agriculture and trade solutions for rural poverty Lee Ann Jackson; Case studies: 7. Food aid: commitments and oversight John Finn; 8. Indigenous Nepalese and trade liberalisation Ojha Purushottam; 9. Samoan agricultural policy - graduating from LDC status Hamish Smith and Lee Ann Jackson; 10. Bali’s ornamental fishing industry Lydia Napitupulu and Victoria Donaldson; 11. The rice sector in West Java Milda Irhamni and Chaikal Nuryakin; 12. Chinese agricultural policy – Central and Western Province Shunli Yao; Part III. Trade in Services and Poverty Reduction: Thematic paper: Future of trade in services for developing countries Joy Abrenica, Christopher Findlay and Aik Hoe Lim; Case studies: 13. ICT services in Uganda Siddhartha Prakash; 14. Health services in Malaysia Aik Hoe Lim; 15. Trade in services liberalisation in India Ajitava Raychaudhuri and Prabir De; 16. Trade, aid and services in Tanzania Amanda Sunassee Lam; 17. Telecommunications reform in the Pacific and the case of Vanuatu Chakriya Bowman; Part IV. Migration, Labour Mobility and Poverty Reduction: Thematic paper: Migration, labour mobility and poverty reduction Graeme Hugo; Case studies: 18. Migrant labour and remittances in Bangladesh Fhamida Khatun; 19. Migrant remittances in the state of Kerala, India Saibal Kar; 20. Migrant workers and the role of remittances in Indonesia Nur Wiyono and Dwini Handayani; 21. Labour mobility and poverty reduction in Tonga Vaimoano Taukolo, Jim Redden and Raelyn Esau; Part V. Trade and Poverty Reduction in Small and Vulnerable Economies: Thematic paper: Trade strategies for poverty reduction in SVEs Jim Redden and Ron Duncan; Case studies: 22. Lombok pots Heather Baigent; 23. Plantations to professors in Grenada Sacha Silva; 24. Fisheries subsidies and the western and central Pacific Manleen Dugal; 25. Trade and youth unemployment in East Timor Joao Saldanha and Jim Redden; 26. Trade reform and poverty reduction in PNG Nolpi Kilwa; Future of the Fiji garment industry Biman Chand Prasad, Yenteshwar Ram and Ariel Marr.

Euan MacMillan, Andrew Stoler, Peter Van Diermen, Margaret B. Malua, Omas Bulan Samosir, Beta Yulianita G. Laksono, Safdar Sohail, Phan Van Sam, Lee Ann Jackson, John Finn, Ojha Purushottam, Hamish Smith, Lydia Napitupulu, Victoria Donaldson, Milda Irhamni, Chaikal Nuryakin, Shunli Yao, Joy Abrenica, Christopher Findlay, Aik Hoe Lim, Siddhartha Prakash, Ajitava Raychaudhuri, Prabir De, Amanda Sunassee Lam, Chakriya Bowman, Graeme Hugo, Fhamida Khatun, Saibal Kar, Nur Wiyono, Dwini Handayani, Vaimoano Taukolo, Jim Redden, Raelyn Esau, Ron Duncan, Heather Baigent, Sacha Silva, Manleen Dugal, Joao Saldanha, Nolpi Kilwa, Biman Chand Prasad, Yenteshwar Ram, Ariel Marr

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