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Regional Rules in the Global Trading System

A guide to the interplay between regional and multilateral trade rules

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Edited by Antoni Estevadeordal & Kati Suominen
Inter-American Development Bank
Robert Teh
World Trade Organization

The proliferation of regional trade agreements (RTAs) over the past two decades has highlighted the need to look closely at the potential conflicts between regional and WTO rules or disciplines. A major obstacle to advancing understanding of RTAs is the absence of detailed information about their contents. This has limited the debate between those who view RTAs as discriminatory instruments hostage to protectionist interests and those who see them as conducive to multilateral trade opening. This book provides detailed analysis of RTA rules in six key areas - market access, technical barriers to trade, contingent protection, investment, services and competition policy - across dozens of the main RTAs in the world. The analysis helps to provide new insights into the interplay between regional and multilateral trade rules, advances understanding of the economic effects of RTAs and contributes to the discussion on how to deal with the burgeoning number of RTAs.

Published June 2009 | 540 pages | 228 x 152 mm | Weight: 0.850 kg

• Represents the first systematic effort to describe and analyse the contents of regional trade agreements. Readers will obtain greater understanding of the rules governing trade in the rapidly growing field of regional agreements and will consequently be able to compare these regional rules with existing multilateral agreements under the WTO
• Includes detailed tables and charts of Regional Trade Agreement (RTA) rules on market access, trade remedies, technical barriers to trade, services, investment and competition policy. The book gives readers who may wish to embark on detailed empirical analysis of RTAs access to new data
• This book complements its detailed analysis of RTA rules with a survey of the latest economic theory on RTAs. It looks in particular at the question of whether RTAs are building blocks or stumbling blocks to multilateral trade liberalisation

1. Introduction Antoni Estevadeordal, Kati Suominen and Robert Teh; 2. Big-think regionalism: a critical survey Richard Baldwin; 3. Market access provisions in regional trade agreements Antoni Estevadeordal, Matthew Shearer and Kati Suominen; 4. Trade remedy provisions in regional trade agreements Robert Teh, Thomas J. Prusa and Michele Budetta; 5. A mapping of regional rules on technical barriers to trade Roberta Piermartini and Michele Budetta; 6. Services liberalization in the new generation of preferential trade agreements (PTAs): how much further than the GATS? Martin Roy, Juan Marchetti and Hoe Lim; 7. Mapping investment provisions in regional trade agreements: towards an international investment regime? Barbara Kotschwar; 8. Competition provisions in regional trade agreements Robert Teh; Appendix.

Antoni Estevadeordal, Kati Suominen, Robert Teh, Richard Baldwin, Matthew Shearer, Thomas J. Prusa, Michele Budetta, Roberta Piermartini, Martin Roy, Juan Marchetti, Hoe Lim, Barbara Kotschwar

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