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Opening Markets for Trade in Services

Countries and Sectors in Bilateral and WTO Negotiations

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A unique comparison of how service trade negotiations have evolved on the regional/bilateral level and at the WTO

Edited by Juan A. Marchetti & Martin Roy
World Trade Organization

Trade in services is an increasingly important part of global trade and, as such, figures prominently in multilateral, regional and bilateral trade negotiations. In this volume of essays, academics, negotiators and experts from various international organizations explore the achievements of such negotiations, together with the challenges and opportunities which arise and the motivations that come into play in such negotiations. The contributions highlight issues in important services sectors, such as distribution, energy, finance, telecommunications, air transport and the postal and audiovisual sectors, as well as areas such as cross-border trade and government procurement. Case studies look into the experiences of specific countries. The focus on sector analysis and country experiences sheds light on the state of services liberalization and the regulation of international trade in services at the beginning of the twenty-first century, making this an indispensable guide to ongoing and future international negotiations on this topic.

Published February 2009 | 784 pages | 228 x 152 mm | Weight: 1.350 kg

• Contributions by a variety of services experts provide readers with a unique comparison of how service trade negotiations have evolved on the regional/bilateral level and at the WTO
• By focusing on specific sectors, ranging from air transport to telecoms, the publication provides specific insights into the latest developments in each area
• Case studies illustrate how individual countries are dealing with the opening-up of the services sector

Foreword Pascal Lamy; Summary and Overview Juan A. Marchetti and Martin Roy; Part I. From Policy to Negotiations: 1. Services Trade and Growth Bernard Hoekman and Aaditya Mattoo; Part II. Multilateral and Bilateral Negotiations on Services: Overall Perspectives: 2. Services Liberalization in the WTO and in Preferential Trade Agreements Juan A. Marchetti and Martin Roy; 3. Preferential Trade Agreements in Services: Friends of Foes of the Multilateral Trading System? Carsten Fink; Part III. Challenges, Issues and Opportunities in Services Sectors: 4. Telecommunications: Can Trade Agreements Keep Up with Technology? L. Lee Tuthill and Laura B. Sherman; 5. Liberalization of Cross-Border Trade in Services: A Developing Country Perspective Sumanta Chaudhuri and Suparna Karmakar; 6. Out of Stock or Just in Time? Doha and Liberalization of Distribution Services Martin Roy; 7. Air Transport Liberalization: A World Apart Pierre Latrille; 8. Financial Services Liberalization in the WTO and Preferential Trade Agreements Juan A. Marchetti; 9. Beyond the Main Screen: Audiovisual Services in PTAs Martin Roy; 10. Liberalization of Postal and Courier Services: Ready for Delivery? Ruosi Zhang; 11. Liberalization of Energy Services: Are PTAs More Energetic than the GATS? Mireille Cossy; 12. Market Access for Government Procurement of Services: Comparing Recent PTAs with WTO Achievements Robert D. Anderson and Anna Caroline Müller; 13. A Warmer Welcome? Access for Natural Persons under Preferential Trade Agreements Antonia Carzaniga; Part IV. Country Experiences with Services Trade: 14. GATS Plus or Minus? Services Commitments in Comparative Contexts for Colombia and Uruguay J.P. Singh; 15. Opening Services Markets at the Regional Level under the CAFTA-DR: the Cases of Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic Maryse Robert and Sherry Stephenson; 16. Why Isn't South Africa More Pro-Active in International Services Negotiations? Peter Draper, Nkululeko Khumalo and Michael Stern; 17. Services Liberalization in PTAs and the WTO: The Experiences of India and Singapore Arpita Mukherjee; 18. The Domestic Dynamics of Preferential Services Liberalization: The Experience of Australia and Thailand Malcolm Bosworth and Ray Trewin; 19. The Chilean Experience in Services Negotiations Sebastián Sáez; 20. Appendix: A Readers' Guide to Basic GATS Concepts and Negotiations.

Contributors: Pascal Lamy, Juan A. Marchetti, Martin Roy, Bernard Hoekman, Aaditya Mattoo, Carsten Fink, L. Lee Tuthill, Laura B. Sherman, Sumanta Chaudhuri, Suparna Karmakar, Pierre Latrille, Ruosi Zhang, Mireille Cossy, Robert D. Anderson, Anna Caroline Müller, Antonia Carzaniga, J. P. Singh, Maryse Robert, Sherry Stephenson, Peter Draper, Nkululeko Khumalo, Michael Stern, Arpita Mukherjee, Malcolm Bosworth, Ray Trewin, Sebastián Sáez

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