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World Tariff Profiles 2006

A comprehensive booklet of customs tariffs for some 150 countries and territories

Description :

A joint publication of the World Trade Organization, International Trade Centre, and UNCTAD

This new publication provides a comprehensive picture of bound and applied nominal tariff protection for some 150 countries and territories. The information on each country's market access situation is presented in the form of summary tables which facilitate cross-country comparisons and in country pages with disaggregations by sectors and duty ranges. In addition, a section in the country pages highlights the market access conditions faced in major export markets.

A special effort has been undertaken by ITC to convert nearly all of the non-ad valorem duties into ad valorem equivalents. The underlying methodological issues relating to this conversion as well as different aggregation methods for tariff averages and changes in tariff averages are discussed in an annex, which also provides all the technical notes.

Published June 2007 | 210 pages | 297 x 210 mm | Weight: 0.900 kg

• Condenses 5000 to 10,000 tariff line duties for more than 150 countries and customs territories in one single book
• International comparability of the indicators
• Base for the current round of negotiations in the field of market access

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