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WTO Appellate Body Repertory of Reports and Awards 1995–2013, 2 Volume Set – 5th Edition

Compiled by Appellate Body Secretariat – The official reference guide to Appellate Body case law

Description :

The fifth edition of the Repertory of Reports and Awards (the 'Repertory') serves first and foremost as a source of information for those interested in the field of international trade law. Initially developed as an internal research tool to assist the Appellate Body Secretariat in carrying out its duty to provide legal support to Appellate Body Members, the Repertory has become a practical tool for officials from WTO Member States, and in particular for Members (including developing-country Members) that may not have the resources to prepare a similar compendium in-house. The Repertory is also of assistance to academics, students, private practitioners and other followers of international trade law and dispute settlement.

Published September 2014 | 2192 pages | 247 x 174 mm | Weight: 3.710 kg

• Up-to-date compendium on WTO Appellate Body case law
• Providing user-friendly information on the development and evolution of case law by topic or legal provision
• Authentic source compiled by the Secretariat of the WTO Appellate Body

Part I. Appellate Body Reports: A.0 Accession Protocols
A.1 Agreement on Agriculture
A.2 Amicus Curiae Briefs
A.3 Anti-Dumping Agreement
B.1 Balance-of-Payments Restrictions
B.2 Bilateral Agreements
B.3 Burden of Proof
B.4 Business Confidential Information
C.1 Claims and Arguments
C.2 Claims and Panel Reasoning
C.3 Competence of Panels and the Appellate Body
C.4 Completion of the Legal Analysis by the Appellate Body
C.5 Conditional Appeals
C.6 Confidentiality
C.7 Consultations
D.1 Directly Competitive or Substitutable Products
D.1A Dispute Settlement Body
D.2 Due Process
E.1 Enabling Clause
E.2 Environmental Multilateral Agreements
E.3 Evidence
G.2 GATT 1994
G.3 General Exceptions: Article XX of the GATT 1994
G.4 General Exceptions: Article XIV of the GATS
H.1 Harmonized System
I.0 Implementation Recommendations – Article 19.1 of the DSU
I.1 Inferences Drawn from the Refusal of a Party to Provide Information
I.2 International Monetary Fund – 'Coherence'
I.3 Interpretation
J.1 Judicial Economy
J.2 Jurisdiction
L.0 Least-Developed Countries
L.1 Legislation as such vs. Specific Application
L.2 Licensing Agreement
L.3 Lomé Convention
M.1 Mandatory and Discretionary Legislation
M.2 MFN Treatment
M.3 Mootness of Panel Findings as a Consequence of Appellate Body Rulings
M.4 Multiple Complainants
M.5 Municipal Law
M.6 Mutually Agreed Solutions
N.1 National Treatment
N.2 Non-Violation Claims
N.3 Nullification or Impairment
O.1 Objections
O.2 Order of Analysis – Use of Assumptions
P.1 Panel Reports
P.2 Paris Convention (1967)
P.3 Principles and Concepts of General Public International Law
P.4 Private Counsel Participation in Dispute Settlement Proceedings
P.4A Prompt Settlement of Disputes – Article 3.3 of the DSU
P.5 Publication and Administration of Trade Regulations
Q.1 Quantitative Restrictions
R.0 Recourse to the DSU for Violations of the Covered Agreements
R.1 Regional Trade Agreements
R.2 Request for the Establishment of a Panel
R.3 Retroactive Application of Trade Measures
R.4 Review of Implementation of DSB Rulings, Article 21.5 of the DSU
R.5 Right to Bring Claims – Legal Interest
R.6 Rules of Conduct
S.1 Safeguards Agreement
S.2 SCM Agreement
S.3 Scope of Appellate Review
S.4 Seek Information and Technical Advice
S.5 Special or Additional Rules and Procedures for Dispute Settlement
S.6 SPS Agreement
S.7 Standard of Review
S.7A State Trading Enterprises: Article XVII of the GATT 1994
S.8 Status of Panel and Appellate Body Reports
S.9 Suspension of Concessions or Other Obligations
T.1 Tariff Concessions
T.2 Tariff Quotas – Non-Discriminatory Administration
T.3 Taxation
T.4 TBT Agreement
T.5 Temporal Application of Rights and Obligations
T.6 Terms of Reference of Panels
T.7 Textiles and Clothing Agreement
T.8 Third Party Rights
T.8A TRIMs Agreement
T.9 TRIPS Agreement
W.1 Waivers
W.2 Working Procedures for Appellate Review
W.3 Working Procedures for Panels
W.4 WTO Agreement
Part II. Arbitration Awards under Article 21.3(c) of the DSU: ARB.1 Mandate of Arbitrator under Article 21.3(c)
ARB.2 Prompt Compliance
ARB.3 Withdrawal or Modification of the Measure
ARB.4 'Reasonable Period of Time'
ARB.5 'Particular Circumstances'
ARB.6 Burden of Proof
Annexes: Annex A. Terms of office of current and former Appellate body members and chairpersons
Annex B. Biographies of current and former Appellate body members
Annex C. Information on Appellate body reports – 1996 to July 2013
Annex D. Arbitration awards under Article 21.3(c) of the DSU – 1996 to July 2013
Annex E. Articles of covered agreements addressed in Appellate body reports
Annex F. Working procedures for Appellate review
Annex G. Procedural issues related to Appellate proceedings

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