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Protocol on the Accession of WTO Members

World Trade Organization Legal Instruments

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This is the official WTO certified text of the Protocol Accession negotiated by the acceding country to become a member of the WTO. It provides all the terms, commitments and conditions accepted by the acceding country for membership in the WTO. The Protocol includes detailed schedules on market access conditions to the acceding country for trade in both Goods and Services. This book is intended for trade specialists and for business users who need to know the market access conditions granted by the new WTO Member for trade in every category of Goods and Services.

• The complete and official text of the Protocol agreed by the new WTO Member

• Essential for all international trade lawyers and economic advisors to businesses within WTO existing member countries who now trade or wish to trade with the new WTO member

• Trilingual version (English, French and Spanish)


Protocol on the Accession of the new WTO Member (English, French and Spanish versions) with Annexes; Schedule of the new WTO Member (in the original language only): Part I. Most-Favoured-Nation Tariff: 1. Agricultural products; 1.A Tariffs; 1.B Tariff quotas; 2. Other products; Part II. Preferential Tariff; Part III. Non-Tariff Concessions; Part IV. Agricultural Products: Commitments Limiting Subsidization: 1. Domestic Support - total AMS commitments; 2. Export subsidies - budgetary outlay and quantity reduction commitment; 3. Commitments limiting the scope of export subsidies; Annexes; new WTO Member - Schedule of Specific Commitments in Services List of Article II MFN Exemptions (English, French and Spanish versions).

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