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GATT Basic Instruments and Selected Documents - Vol 1 - 42

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Contains the text of the General Agreement as in force on 1 March 1969. A guide to the legal sources of the provisions of the Agreement is provided in an Appendix. An Analytical Index (second revision), containing notes on the drafting, interpretation and application of the Articles of the Agreement, was published by the secretariat in February 1966. In May 1952 the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and its procedures were made available (BISD, Volume I), along with a set of Decisions, Declarations, Resolutions and Reports of the organization (BISD, Volume II). Volume I was subsequently revised in 1955, updated with Volume III in 1958, and finally replaced with Volume IV in 1969. Starting in 1953 Supplements were issued, the first providing reports of the seventh session of the GATT. The final Supplement, Number 42 in 1988, completing the GATT BISD series.

Published: Geneva; Contracting Parties to the GATT; 1952. Reprinted in 2003

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