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Article : Rapport sur le commerce mondial 2017

Commerce, technologie et emploi
Recherche et analyse

Description :

The World Trade Report 2017 discusses the effects of international trade and technological progress on labour market outcomes. It aims to provide an objective and balanced, research-based assessment of these effects in developed and developing countries and to inform readers about possible policy responses to adjustment problems and distributional effects, regardless of their sources. It is part of the response of the WTO to the current anti-trade rhetoric fuelled by concerns that trade may cause job losses and raise inequality.

Published September 2017 | 178 pages | 297 x 210 mm | Weight 0.600 kg


A. Introduction 12
1. Economic progress involves economic change 14
2. New chapter in an old story 14
3. Structure of this report 18
B. Labour market outcomes: trends and analytical framework 20
1. Major trends in employment and wages 22
2. Structural changes in the labour market 36
3. Forces driving labour market outcomes 46
4. Conclusions 62
C. Impact of technology on labour market outcomes 74
1. Introduction 76
2. Overall net employment and wage effects of technology 78
3. The impact of technology on skills and work tasks 83
4. Technology and the future of work 90
5. Conclusions 99
D. Impact of trade on labour market outcomes 104
1. Introduction 106
2. Jobs supported by trade 106
3. The impact of trade on employment and wages 109
4. Trade and the structure of employment 117
5. Conclusions 128
E. Policy responses to labour market adjustment and distributional changes 132
1. Labour market adjustment policies 134
2. Competitiveness-related policies 146
3. Compensation for permanent income losses 149
4. Conclusions 152
F. Conclusions 155

Edition : English ISBN 9789287043580 Paperback
Español ISBN 9789287043603 edición rústica
Français ISBN 9789287043597 édition brochée

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