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Article : International Trade Statistics 2014

A comprehensive overview of the latest developments in world trade, covering the details of merchandise trade by product and trade in commercial services

Description :

International Trade Statistics 2014 provides a detailed overview of the latest developments in world trade, covering both merchandise and services trade as well as trade measured in value-added terms.

A key developments section at the start of each chapter uses charts and maps to illustrate the most important trends. More detailed data are provided in a variety of tables covering specific aspects of world trade up to the end of 2013. A chapter on methodology explains how the data are compiled.

International Trade Statistics 2014 serves as an invaluable reference tool for researchers, policy makers and anyone interested in international trade.

Published 15 November 2014 | 170 pages | 297 x 210 mm | Weight: 0.600 kg

Edition : English 978-92-870-3968-2 Paperback
Español 978-92-870-3970-5 edición rústica
Français 978-92-870-3969-9 édition brochée

Net price : 50.00 CHF
WTO Publications are not subject to VAT

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