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Article : Annual Report 2012

Focuses on the main activities of the organization and details of its current structure, staff and budget
About the WTO

Description :

The WTO Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of WTO activities in 2011. It is divided into two main sections. The first is a brief summary of the organization and an overview of 2011. The second section provides more in-depth information.

Published Mai 2012 | 160 pages | 297 x 210 mm | Weight: 0.500 kg

Edition : English ISBN 978-92-870-3825-8 Paperback
Español ISBN 978-92-870-3814-2 edición rústica
Français ISBN 978-92-870-3813-5 édition brochée

Net price : 55.00 CHF
WTO Publications are not subject to VAT

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