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Article : Annual Report 2008

Focuses on the main activities of the organization and details of its current structure, staff and budget
About the WTO

Description :

The 2008 Annual Report of the WTO focuses on the activities of the organization in 2007 and details its current structure, staff and budget. Includes detailed progress reports on various aspects of the Doha negotiations and an overview of some of the main developments within the WTO.

Published November 2008 | 115 pages | 297 x 210 mm | Weight: 0.500 kg

Edition : English ISBN 978-92-870-3457-1 Paperback
Español ISBN 978-92-870-3459-5 edición rústica
Français ISBN 978-92-870-3458-8 couverture brochée

Net price : 50.00 CHF
WTO Publications are not subject to VAT

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