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Article : The WTO Building

The symbolic artwork of the Centre William Rappard, headquarters of the World Trade Organization
About the WTO

Description :

Hidden art treasures have been rediscovered in the WTO's building, the Centre William Rappard. This building was the first in Geneva built specifically to house an international organization. At various points in its history it has been home to the International Labour Office, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, and the Secretariat of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. This book is a photographic tribute to the artwork in and around the building.

Published March 2008 | 44 pages | 228 x 152 mm | Weight: 0.250 kg

Edition : English 978-92-870-3687-2 Paperback
Español 978-92-870-3689-6 edición rústica
Français 978-92-870-3688-9 édition brochée

Net price : 20.00 CHF
WTO Publications are not subject to VAT

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