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Article : The WTO Dispute Settlement Procedures - 3rd Edition

A Collection of the Relevant Legal Texts
Dispute settlement

Description :

WTO Secretariat, World Trade Organization

The third edition of The WTO Dispute Settlement Procedures collects together the treaty texts, decisions and agreed practices relating to the procedures that apply in the settlement of WTO disputes. It affords ready answers to technical questions relating to matters such as: how disputes are initiated and conducted, including at the appellate stage; what deadlines apply and how to calculate them; what rules of conduct bind individuals involved in WTO dispute settlement; and what rules of procedure apply to meetings of the Dispute Settlement Body. This highly practical work, which includes cross-references and a subject index, will prove invaluable to anyone working in WTO dispute settlement, including lawyers, civil servants working in the field of trade, economists, academics and students. This edition has been fully updated to take account of revised rules and procedures.

Published August 2012 | 168 pages | 228 x 152 mm | Weight: 0.400 kg

• Extensive updates take into account revised rules and procedures
• New materials have been added and obsolete agreements have been removed
• Systematically organized by subject matter, with cross-references and a subject index added by the WTO Secretariat, enabling researchers to quickly identify material addressing specific issues
• Enables readers to quickly locate the answer to specific questions relating to procedural issues in WTO disputes

Table of Contents

1. Understanding on rules and procedures governing the settlement of disputes (DSU)
2. Dispute settlement rules and procedures in the multilateral trade agreements
3. Dispute settlement decisions of the contracting parties to the GATT 1947 referred to in the DSU
4. Dispute settlement rules and procedures in the plurilateral trade agreements
5. Rules of procedure for the meetings of the Dispute Settlement Body
6. Rules of conduct for the understanding on the rules and procedures governing the settlement of disputes
7. Rules and procedures relating to Appellate Review
8. DSU practices
9. Other decisions.

Edition : English ISBN 978-1-107-02799-2 Hardback (120 CHF)
English ISBN 978-1-107-68415-7 Paperback

Net price : 60.00 CHF
WTO Publications are not subject to VAT

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