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Article : Globalization and Informal Jobs in Developing Countries

A joint study of the ILO and the Secretariat of the WTO
Research and analysis

Description :

World trade has expanded significantly in recent years, making a major contribution to global growth. Economic growth has not led to a corresponding improvement in working conditions and living standards for many workers. In developing countries, job creation has largely taken place in the informal economy, where around 60 per cent of workers are employed. Most of the workers in the informal economy have almost no job security, low incomes and no social protection, with limited opportunities to benefit from globalization.

This study focuses on the relationship between trade and the growth of the informal economy in developing countries. Based on existing academic literature, complemented with new empirical research by the ILO and the WTO, the study discusses how trade reform affects different aspects of the informal economy. It also examines how high rates of informal employment diminish the scope for developing countries to translate trade openness into sustainable long-term growth.

The report analyzes how well-designed trade and decent-work friendly policies can complement each other so as to promote sustainable development and growing prosperity in developing countries.

Published October 2009 | 192 pages | 297 x 210 mm | Weight: 0.700 kg

Edition : English ISBN 978 92 870 3691 9 Paperback
Español ISBN 978 92 870 3693 3 edición rústica
Français ISBN 978 92 870 3692 6 édition brochée

Net price : 35.00 CHF
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