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Article : Air Transport and the GATS 1995-2000

Documentation for the first air transport review under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) 1995-2000 in review
Trade topics

Description :

This special compilation describes air transport services from a regulatory and economic point of view, with a special focus on market access questions. Each volume contains original material and up-to-date insights, written on the basis of close cooperation with industry professionals.

In preparation for the second air transport review mandated by the GATS Annex on Air Transport Services, the Secretariat has gathered in the present booklet the documentation produced in 2000-1 for the first review. It consolidates documents S/C/W/163 and its six Addenda, with a common table of contents and single page numbering. It is intended to facilitate Members' cross-reference to information contained in the documentation produced for the first review. The structure adopted for this volume is a sectoral one sub-divided when necessary by themes:

• Maintenance
• Computer reservation systems
• Selling and marketing
• Franchising
• Freight forwarding and warehousing
• Leasing
• Catering

In each of the subsectors or themes, economic developments are addressed first, followed by regulatory developments.

Published November 2006 | 310 pages | 297 x 210 mm | Weight: 0.850 kg

The first two publications will be followed at the end of 2007-beginning of 2008 by several volumes containing a Quantitative Air Services Agreements Review (QUASAR), which will provide the first universal and detailed assessment of the degree of openness of the 2000 publicly available bilateral air services agreements and a measure of the traffic they cover. These volumes will be accompanied by a CD-ROM containing a search and visualization software.

Only available electronically : English ISBN 978-92-870-3373-4
Español ISBN 978-92-870-3375-8
Français ISBN 978-92-870-3374-1

Net price : 50.00 CHF
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