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Article : 10 things the WTO can do

This publication replaces “10 Benefits of the WTO Trading System” and “10 Common Misunderstandings about the WTO”
About the WTO

Description :

The world is complex. The World Trade Organization is complex. This booklet is brief, but it tries to reflect the complex and dynamic nature of trade and the WTO’s trade rules. It highlights benefits of the trading system, but it doesn’t claim that everything is perfect. Was it a perfect system, there would be no need for further negotiations and for the system to evolve and reform continually.

Published September 2012 | 58 pages | 190 x 170 mm | Weight: 0.200 kg

Edition : English ISBN 978-92-870-3831-9 Paperback
Español ISBN 978-92-870-3833-3 edición rústica
Français ISBN 978-92-870-3832-6 édition brochée

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